B O T A N I C A 
E X O T I C A 

A magnetic storm is approaching the solar system which effects all living things differently. On a remote planet our protagonist Dale, a plant-lover ex-scientist’s lonely life is in danger. With the slowly approaching storm tension grows bigger and erupts into massive aggression between the habitants which makes everybody dangerously insane. The well controlled aggression in the society blows up like a bomb.
While the storm is getting closer and closer Dale suffers from chronic visions and nightmares which are becoming stronger with the storm. In his visions he sees a beautiful pink lady who feels familiar. And if this wasn’t enough his beloved plants are mysteriously disappearing leaving only strange messages behind.
What is happening with him? Without him being conscious of it, is that his soulmate from a parallel universe trying to connect with him and save him? The lovely lady Alice is from a planet where space and time works differently. Here plants rule the world with the help of animals, and humans are only the third most intelligent creatures. On her planet plants are able to travel through space and time, and with this ability they are trying to help Alice to save Dale. Their Leaders the Twin Trees are sending messages and even a messenger for Dale hoping he understands that the portals are going to open soon.
Dale eventually understands the meaning of the messages and finds himself traveling through a gate in time and space and seemingly arriving in Exotica, meeting Alice his soulmate.
But we are switching back for Dale’s terrace once more. Here he is lying on his back headless.
Is this the end of Dale or just a different beginning...
Directed by Sofia Laszlovszky
Written by Sofia Laszlovszky,  Zsombor Benyovszky dr.
Producer: dr Benyovszky Zsombor
Executive producer: Zoltan Sostai
Sound Designer: Zoltán Vadon
Composer: Freakin' Disco - Gabor Keresztes, Aron Komjati, Andras Csizmas, Agoston Szabo Sipos
Editor: Balazs Fekete

Produced by: Planet for Sale
Supported by: National Film Institute, HUNGARY

© SofiaLaszlovszky2022